Before and After

We all like to see pictures of hair transformations so we thought we would share a few pictures of some of clients before and after having their hair done at Square.

This client was trying to fix a bad colour and cut and wanted something much more natural, still blonde but wouldn’t leave an obvious regrowth, so we applied a colour similar to her natural colour at the roots and enhanced the blonde on the ends using an ombre technique, huge transformation!



This client was a colleague of the client above who after seeing the transformation on her friends hair wanted a similar look but warmer and a little darker, we used a root stretch technique on the root area and darkened down and warmed up the blonde on the ends.



This client was looking to get away from her dry strawy blonde and wanted a darker richer shiny colour and as you can see we delivered, using a variety of rich browns through out the hair.



We will be continuing to take before and after photos so keep checking back to see the new ones!


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