Do you spend hours scrolling through instagram looking at all the vibrant, crazy hair colours wondering if you should just be brave and go for it? This is for you.  There’s a few things you should know before you book that appointment to have rainbow hair,

It’s highly likely we’ll need to bleach your hair. 

Bright or pastel colours need to be very light blonde hair to show up, so before we can give you that pastel mane or those crazy vibrant locks we need to bleach your hair as light as possible.  How light it lifts determines the colour palette we can choose from.  We are always happy to do a strand test for you so we can know this before we start to bleach.

It will be a long appointment.

This type of colour is a double process. As we said we will need to bleach your hair first, then apply the final colour, you may even need a toner in-between the two, so prepare to be in the salon for a few hours at least, especially if you are going for an all over colour.

The integrity of your hair is the most important thing.

There is no point bleaching your hair to the point of breakage to achieve that perfect pastel shade, if its not in good condition it won’t look good anyway, so trust us when we say “that’s as light as we can get it” what we mean is that’s as light as we can get it without causing damage, there may well be some one who says “I can get it lighter” but at what cost to the condition of your hair? Trust us it’s not worth it.

Olaplex is a necessity.

Olaplex is a bond builder, the tag line is “insurance for your hair” and it’s true, before olaplex a lot of the transformations you see were not possible without severely damaging the hair.  If you’re going to have all that bleaching and then another colour (i.e. another chemical service) on top then it’s important you do everything you can to maintain the condition.  For us olaplex is a must with almost every colour.

(you can read all about olaplex here)

Fashion colours fade.

Be prepared for your colour to fade in just a few washes, they are direct dyes which means they stain the outside of the hair so wash away each time you wash your hair, not only this but with the bleach underneath your hair will be more porous which again will make it fade. The more vibrant you are to start the longer it will last, if you are going for a pastel hue be prepared to top it up very regularly.

High Maintenance is the only way to be.

With all that going on it’s really important to keep your hair healthy so it holds on to the colour better and treat it carefully so you can get the most out of it.  Sulphate free shampoo is a big help, sulphates are quite harsh cleansers so will fade your colour much faster, sticking to good quality sulphate free shampoo will keep it looking better for longer.  You will need a really good conditioner, bleached hair always needs moisture and protein so having a good conditioner will help your new colour shine, and make it so much easier to detangle! Also minimise the use of heat and try not to wash your hair too often.

Treatments and Masks 

Weekly treatments will keep your hair healthy and ready to deal with all that topping up you’ll need to do, we recommend Olaplex number 3 and Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Masque


If even after all that you still want to go bright or pastel book in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll do all the necessary tests to make sure its perfect for you.

Hair Contouring

What is hair contouring and why do you need it?


Hair Contouring is the latest thing in the contouring trend, it appears to have moved away from the world of make up and into hair.  Contouring is the use of shadow and light to shape and mould the features of your face to enhance your looks, so how do we make this work for your hair?


Hair Contouring


Your stylist uses both colouring and cutting techniques to shape your hair,  this could be lighter or blonde areas around the face or on particular areas of haircuts to enhance shape and layering through to create softness.  Or it could be using dark colour to create the illusion of shadows in the hair and keeping certain areas of a hair cut heavy to give the illusion of density and thickness in both the colour and the cut.


Book a consultation, come and talk to us and we’ll find a colour palette that compliments your skin tone and eye colour and then work with that palette to create the shadow and light to contour.


Olaplex, Hair Magic?


With all the hype lately you might have heard of a new revolutionary product called Olaplex.  If you haven’t, allow me to explain, Olaplaex is a three step treatment that changes the rules when it comes to chemically treating your hair.  Whether that be colouring, perming, keratin blowdries, even just your everyday heat styling, Olaplex allows you to change your hair drastically in just one day, or change your hair colour regularly, both things that in the past would have dramatically increased your stylists stress levels whilst they try to establish whether or not your hair can handle anymore.  Not anymore!

Remember this?


Kim Kardashian going from dark to platinum.  The wonder product that made this possible? Yep you guessed it Olaplex.  Look how shiny the blonde is, before olaplaex this kind of colour change would not have been possible without lots of damage and breakage.  Don’t get me wrong it still didn’t happen in one application and still took hours in the salon but the result is incredible and well worth the time.

So, how does it work?  Olaplex is a three step system that can be used in multiple ways to effectively “reset” the condition of your hair.  It is a permanent thing that is only undone when more bonds break, e.g. you have your hair coloured afterwards without Olaplex.

No1 The Bond Multiplier is applied in different ways depending on the service you have chosen.  If you are having Olaplex as a stand alone treatment in the salon No1 will be applied to your hair at the basins and then left to soak in.  If you are having a colour service and adding Olaplex to that service No1 will be added to your colour formula.

No2 The Bond Perfector is applied directly after No1, if you are having a colour service the colour is rinsed after the development time and No2 applied before the hair is shampooed.  No2 is left on your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on the current condition of your hair (the more damage present the longer we will leave No2 on your hair to work).  After this time your hair is shampooed and conditioned as normal and then blow-dried or cut and blow-dried.

No3 The Hair Perfector is your take home product.  It is highly recommended you take this product with you to get the most out of your Olaplex service.  It is a treatment to use before you shampoo your hair once or twice a week (again depending on the condition of your hair), just like No2 you need to leave it on a minimum of 10 minutes but with No3 you can leave it on as long as you like, (Kim Kardashian famously sleeps with it in).

Now to the science bit,  what does Olaplex actually do?

When you colour your hair or do any chemical service bonds are broken within the main structure of the hair and this is what compromises condition, Olaplex restructures these bonds within the hair to repair all of the damage done during in colouring, heat styling, perming, etc.  It is this magic that allows us as hairdressers to push the boundaries of what is possible when working with your hair, for example going from dark to blonde in just one day!

We offer Olaplex in two different ways although we always recommend the first option.

  1. Full Olaplex treatment includes No1 and No2 in salon and No3 to take home £50.00
  2. In salon only Olaplex treatment includes No1 and No2 in salon £20.00

Olaplex is available to book online when you book your appointment (under the treatments category) or ask your stylist how it will benefit your hair.