Colour Creators

Wella Professionals have just launched an incredible new colour range and we’re so excited! Color Fresh Create is a series of pure tone semi-permanent colours consisting of 12 vibrant shades (and a clear shade to dilute the vibrants in to beautiful pastels).  All the colours are fully intermixable allowing you limitless creative opportunities with your hair. These new colours are also designed to fade in to beautiful pastels as they wash out so you don’t get any of those weird tones once it starts to fade.


Naturally we had to try it first so we opted for one colour from the cool side of the pallet and diluted it to make a pastel and then one from the warm side (Hyper Coral sounded like too cool a name to not try first!) which we kept just pure as it comes out of the tube.  We actually can’t wait for them to fade so we can get all the pastel shades too.


Before and after lilac

New Year New Colour!

It’s here, we are in 2018 and it’s probably time to change your hair colour.  We’ve been keeping our eye on the latest trends and discovered there really is something for everyone, so take a look and get inspired for your next appointment!



The colour we’ve all wanted to try at some point but unfortunately isn’t suitable for everyone or certain hair types but if you’re lucky enough to have the perfect starting point take advantage and go bold platinum or a platinum balayage for a softer effect.


Mid Brown

Perfect if you have brown hair naturally as this trend is centred on using varying shades of browns to create a little bit of texture instead of having just a boring brown.  Great on guys too looking to add just a hint of colour.



Going Green

Perhaps the most noticeable trend we saw beginning to surface in late 2017 was green, deep forest greens are the way to go here and work best either as an overall colour or together with dark hair, remember though there is usually lightening services required to achieve these vivid greens.



What’s not to love! We expect to be seeing much more of this colour heading in to Spring and with so many variations it can be truly unique to you.

Which new colour will you choose to update your look with?  Just remember an allergy test is required 48 hours before your appointment.