Nanokeratin Treatments What you need to know!


Have  you always wanted that effortlessly beautiful hair that you can just leave to air dry or blow-dry in 10 minutes flat but instead you’ve got a giant ball of frizz that takes hours to blow-dry and straighten just to make it look half decent? Then nanokeratin is your hair saviour and it is suitable for all hair types even damaged!  Nanokeratin is a smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz from your hair whilst retaining your hair’s natural movement. For example if you have curly hair the curls will still be there after the treatment but they will be soft glossy frizz free curls, and if your hair is straight but coarse and frizzy, after the treatment it will still be straight but smooth frizz free and so easy to manage.

If you think nanokeratin might be for you the first thing you need to do is come and have a consultation with your hair in it’s natural state and we will assess your hair texture and what your expectations are and then work out the right treatment plan for you.  Once you have booked your nanokeratin appointment you are well on your way to frizz free hair!


Firstly your hair will be shampooed 2-3 times with a priming shampoo to cleanse the hair and remove any product build up so that the nanokeratin treatment can work it’s magic to it’s full potential.

Then your hair will be rough dried so we are working with your hair’s natural texture, then the nanokeratin will be applied to your hair in small sections with the excess being combed off each section.

Now you sit and relax for 30 minutes enjoy your drink and flick through some magazines.

Once the 30 minutes is up your hair will be blowdried with the nanokeratin in, and once completely dry your hair will be straightened to ensure it is completely smooth.

Now the nanokeratin treatment is finished your hair will feel as though it has a coating on it, and you cannot get your hair wet, tie it up or tuck it behind your ears for 3 days.  (Let’s be honest here by the 3rd day every one who has this treatment is desperate to wash their hair but then once they do they would happily go through it again as the results are well worth it!)  When you do shampoo your hair you need to use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, any of the alterna shampoo and conditioners will be fine but we do recommend the Bamboo Smooth range in particular to maintain the results.

Before and After Nanokeratin


The first picture is the clients natural hair texture and the second picture is the clients hair rough dried 3 days later.

The nanokertain treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, and costs £150.00.  It is important to make sure you are using the correct products as it will have an impact on how long the treatment lasts.

So now you know how to get that perfect hair you’ve always dreamed of!




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