Before and After

We all like to see pictures of hair transformations so we thought we would share a few pictures of some of clients before and after having their hair done at Square.

This client was trying to fix a bad colour and cut and wanted something much more natural, still blonde but wouldn’t leave an obvious regrowth, so we applied a colour similar to her natural colour at the roots and enhanced the blonde on the ends using an ombre technique, huge transformation!



This client was a colleague of the client above who after seeing the transformation on her friends hair wanted a similar look but warmer and a little darker, we used a root stretch technique on the root area and darkened down and warmed up the blonde on the ends.



This client was looking to get away from her dry strawy blonde and wanted a darker richer shiny colour and as you can see we delivered, using a variety of rich browns through out the hair.



We will be continuing to take before and after photos so keep checking back to see the new ones!

Lost Gardens of Heligan shoot with Alex Phelps

We recently had the pleasure of spending the day at the Lost Gardens of Heligan to work on a shoot with fashion photographer and film maker Alex Phelps.  We thought we’d give you a sneak preview of the shoot behind the scenes and the beautiful gardens.



Alex is using a technique which takes two photos simultaneously that are slightly different so when printed and viewed through a view finder you will  see the image in 3D.




You can imagine how stunning the surroundings look when viewed in 3D




When Alex has finished editing the images and they will be exhibited in London and we will have a selection of the images and a viewfinder at Square for you to see,  we’ll let you know when they are in!

Behind the scenes Men’s Collection

If you have read our last post you will know we spent a lot of time working on photoshoots recently for various different things so we just thought we’d share some of the behind the scenes photos of our men’s collection so you can see what we have been doing.

Tilly styling Model Joash's hair.

Tilly styling Model Joash’s hair.


Carl perfecting model Jemal's suit

Carl perfecting model Jemal’s suit


set building

set building


Finishing touches and lighting test for model Jamie

Finishing touches and lighting test for model Jamie


Quick fringe trim for model Mitchell

Quick fringe trim for model Mitchell


Finishing touches to model Jake's hair by Carl

Finishing touches to model Jake’s hair by Carl


4 hands are better than 2 when it comes to model Alex's hair

4 hands are better than 2 when it comes to model Alex’s hair


You can see all of the final images from this shoot in our gallery here: Gallery



Towards the end of last year we applied to take part in a course called Hair:Mastered With Sam Mcknight.  Sam McKnight is one of the most accomplished and well-respected hair stylists of his generation. His work is often seen in magazines, on the runway and on the red carpet. He’s won countless awards but perhaps the biggest accolade is the longstanding creative collaborations he has maintained with some of the best names in the business – Patrick Demarchelier, Nick Knight and Mario Testino; Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Balmain and Fendi to name just a few. In the fleeting world of fashion imagery Sam’s permanence is fixed in some of the most iconic images in modern history – Princess Diana’s short, slicked back style, Agyness Deyn’s bleached blonde crop, Madonna’s Bedtime Stories cover, Cate Blanchett getting her Oscar, Tilda Swinton channelling Bowie, both Lady Gaga and her male alter-ego Jo Calderone plus countless covers and editorial stories of Kate Moss and all the supermodels.  So as you can imagine we were eager to learn from one of the best and were beyond excited when we found out that we had been selected as one of just 800 global participants out of over 60,000 applicants, we couldn’t wait to get started!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 17.50.32

Over the next four months we worked on briefs set by fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, Garage Magazine, Dazed Magazine, Allure Magazine, and Topshop to name a few, we also took part in various opportunities responding to briefs set by Anti-agency, Creative Head Magazine and Ones to watch.  For each opportunity we created a photoshoot working closely with photographers, stylists, make-up artists and models faced lots of challenges and created some amazing work.

Hair Test Emanuel Ungaro Hair:Mastered  Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Bryony Padwick

Hair Test Emanuel Ungaro Hair:Mastered
Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Bryony Padwick

We received feedback from industry experts on all of our work which was fantastic, it was so good to know the things we were getting right and the things we could improve on in future.  Our Expert was Natalie Lukaitis who is a beauty editor for ELLE Magazine, so it was amazing to have her opinion on our work.  He she is critiquing the image above: “Fantastic level of research and great moodboards. You’ve made it really easy to follow your journey. I love that you played around with a few styles but knew what the vibe of ‘Ungaro’ hair has been in the past and stayed true to that, with your own spin. You didn’t take the 60s brief too literally and it paid off. I really like the final look and can see that you have taken everything into consideration, including the balance of volume at the back. Well done!” As you can imagine this spurred us on, and we learnt everything we could about this area of the industry, we took part in Q&A sessions with Agents Premier Hair and Make-up, Rosie Vogel the bookings editor for Vogue Magazine, Amber Kallor contributor to many of the big magazines including Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire and ELLE, in these sessions we were able to ask all the questions we wanted to know and get the answers from the biggest experts in the industry what could be more helpful!

90's Nostalgia  Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Chloë Russell

90’s Nostalgia
Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Chloë Russell

As a result of taking part in Hair:Mastered we have had bookings for both fashion shows and photoshoots and it’s an exciting area of the business we are enjoying, we just thought we’d share it with you too!

Garage Magazine Brief Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Brigite Rowan, Retouching : Brad Atherton

Garage Magazine Brief Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Brigite Rowan, Retouching : Brad Atherton


Allure Magazine Brief,  Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Laura Collins

Allure Magazine Brief,
Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Laura Collins


Garage Magazine Brief, Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Izzy Humphreys, Retouching : Brad Atherton

Garage Magazine Brief, Photography : Emmanuel Robert, Model : Izzy Humphreys, Retouching : Brad Atherton


Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


The Importance of Colour Safety

Hair colour reactions are rare and only occur within a small number of people however with studies and reports of allergic reactions to hair colour on the increase I thought you might like the risks explained and to know how best to avoid a hair colour reaction.

Firstly what causes an allergic reaction?

Your immune system protects you from bacteria and viruses and sometimes it mistakes a harmless substance for a threat and starts your body’s immune response. Unfortunately for hair colour, it seems the molecules that make up the colour seem to fit perfectly into your body’s receptors and can cause an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions can be very severe or even fatal so it’s important that we try to avoid them happening as much as we possibly can.

How do we avoid an allergic reaction?

The first thing we can do is an ALLERGY ALERT TEST this will tell you if you are allergic or have any sensitivity to the colouring products your stylist is going to use.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 22.26.55

An ALLERGY ALERT TEST is carried out in the salon 48hrs before your appointment, it takes less than 10 mins and is complimentary, your stylist will talk to you about your colour and what you are looking to achieve and together you can decide on the right colouring products and shades for your look. Your stylist will then mix a small amount of these colours and apply them in tiny dabs on the inside of your elbow. AND THAT’S IT! So long as you don’t experience a reaction in the 48hrs following your allergy alert test, you are good to colour your hair.


The second thing we can do is choose colouring products which actively reduce the risk of developing an allergy such as Koleston Innosense, it uses a revolutionary new colour molecule called ME+ which has been awarded the FIRST EVER European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation SEAL ON PERMANENT COLOUR WITH UP TO 100 % GREY COVERAGE AND 3 LEVELS OF LIFT. Safe and effective, what more could you want from your hair colour?!


You will need to be allergy tested 48hrs before your first colour appointment and just once a year following that if your colour is saying the same. If you want to change your colour brand or the shades used you will need to be re-tested with the new colours, you will also need to be re-tested if you have had a tattoo since your last appointment or if it has been more than 6 months since you last had your hair coloured in the salon. If you are not sure if you need an ALLERGY ALERT TEST call the salon before your appointment and have a chat with your stylist they will tell you what you need to do, also if you are concerned for any reason it is completely fine to be allergy tested 48hrs before every colour appointment.



Instamatic Colour


Wella Instamatics is a new collection of six diffused temporary pastel hair colours that are designed to give your style a fresh twist every time new inspiration strikes. One of the unique things about Instamatics is that it has been designed to fade beautifully after each wash so won’t awkwardly stain your hair once the initial colour has gone.
There are six available shades; smokey amethyst, muted mauve, jaded mint, ocean storm, pink dream and clear dust. All colours have been designed with the latest trend for unusual temporary hair colour in mind and are perfect for those that like to regularly try something new and change up their hair colour.
To try out this new range of hair colours, book an appointment with Square now!

Colour services for sunkissed hair

Wella_Blondor_Freelights-key-visual-1Freelights by Wella is the latest innovation is pre lighting techniques and can help you achieve the most subtle ombre look yet. No foil is required so a more natural blend of colours can be created for those that do not want the harsher effect of highlights.
The flexible formula ensures easier spreading so colour precision is easier than ever. Up to seven levels of lift are available that are suitable for both natural and pre coloured hair, so this really is for anyone that wants a natural variation of colour in their hair.

For anyone that wants to achieve sun kissed summer hair any time of year then there is no better product than Freelights.

This product is now available at Square so be sure to book an appointment!

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