Our Top 5 Aveda Products

Our Top 5 Aveda Products

First things first, as you know we like all of our products to be as natural as possible whilst still delivering the very best results so these are some of the reasons why we chose Aveda and why you should too.

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Natural Ingredients, Manufactured using wind power, and post consumer recycled packaging.

As Many of you are now aware we have partnered with Aveda and we are now using their shampoos, conditioners, styling products and life style range exclusively, so we’d like to share our top 5 Aveda products with you so if you don’t already, you can get to know the brand.


This spray is ideal for anyone looking to thicken up and add volume to their hair, it works brilliantly for fine hair but is also great on thicker hair to add even more volume.  It stiffens up the hair a little as you blow-dry holding that volume in place for longer, definitely one of the styling products we use the most in the salon.


Technically this is two products but they are designed to work together so we’ll put them both at number 4.  Colour Conserve shampoo and conditioner are an absolute must for anyone with coloured hair, this pair is the only way to keep your new colour looking fresh, it also has the added benefit of making your bathroom smell like a spa every time you wash your hair with it’s beautiful lavender fragrance.


Curly girls everywhere are shouting about this product and with good reason, this cream formula moisturises curls without weighing them down, tames frizz, adds shine, and encourages bounce, without even a tiny hint of stickiness.  If you’ve got curly hair this is the product for you.


Perfect for those trying to tame the frizz, this genius product feels weightless in your hair but keeps out the humidity to keep your hair looking straight shiny and glossy, it makes your hair feel like silk without even trying!


This is the most used product in our salon on a daily basis because it’s perfect for just about everyone, it strengthens your hair as well as providing heat protection so if you blow-dry your hair this one’s for you.  It’s also a total must have for anyone with bleached hair or highlights.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

How about something better than a bunch of flowers?

Mother’s Day is Sunday 22nd March this year and there are so many gifts available it’s easy to get Mum something she’ll enjoy more than just a bunch of flowers and a card, this year you could really treat your mum and we’ve got some good ideas!

  • Give Mum something to pamper herself with, these Aveda gift sets are ideal, theres a range of sizes and products to choose from. £16 – £50
Aveda gift sets
  • Or give her the option to choose her gift with a Square gift card. Gift cards can be for any amount so you can choose how much you want to spend and Mum still gets to pamper herself.
  • You could book you and your mum in for a joint pampering session and have the new Aveda Nutriplenish Hydration treatment with a blow-dry to make you both feel amazing. £41 – £48

If you’d like some advice on the best products for your Mum or you’d like to book yourselves in just pop in or give us a call 01326313931.

Do you spend hours scrolling through instagram looking at all the vibrant, crazy hair colours wondering if you should just be brave and go for it? This is for you.  There’s a few things you should know before you book that appointment to have rainbow hair,

It’s highly likely we’ll need to bleach your hair. 

Bright or pastel colours need to be very light blonde hair to show up, so before we can give you that pastel mane or those crazy vibrant locks we need to bleach your hair as light as possible.  How light it lifts determines the colour palette we can choose from.  We are always happy to do a strand test for you so we can know this before we start to bleach.

It will be a long appointment.

This type of colour is a double process. As we said we will need to bleach your hair first, then apply the final colour, you may even need a toner in-between the two, so prepare to be in the salon for a few hours at least, especially if you are going for an all over colour.

The integrity of your hair is the most important thing.

There is no point bleaching your hair to the point of breakage to achieve that perfect pastel shade, if its not in good condition it won’t look good anyway, so trust us when we say “that’s as light as we can get it” what we mean is that’s as light as we can get it without causing damage, there may well be some one who says “I can get it lighter” but at what cost to the condition of your hair? Trust us it’s not worth it.

Olaplex is a necessity.

Olaplex is a bond builder, the tag line is “insurance for your hair” and it’s true, before olaplex a lot of the transformations you see were not possible without severely damaging the hair.  If you’re going to have all that bleaching and then another colour (i.e. another chemical service) on top then it’s important you do everything you can to maintain the condition.  For us olaplex is a must with almost every colour.

(you can read all about olaplex here)

Fashion colours fade.

Be prepared for your colour to fade in just a few washes, they are direct dyes which means they stain the outside of the hair so wash away each time you wash your hair, not only this but with the bleach underneath your hair will be more porous which again will make it fade. The more vibrant you are to start the longer it will last, if you are going for a pastel hue be prepared to top it up very regularly.

High Maintenance is the only way to be.

With all that going on it’s really important to keep your hair healthy so it holds on to the colour better and treat it carefully so you can get the most out of it.  Sulphate free shampoo is a big help, sulphates are quite harsh cleansers so will fade your colour much faster, sticking to good quality sulphate free shampoo will keep it looking better for longer.  You will need a really good conditioner, bleached hair always needs moisture and protein so having a good conditioner will help your new colour shine, and make it so much easier to detangle! Also minimise the use of heat and try not to wash your hair too often.

Treatments and Masks 

Weekly treatments will keep your hair healthy and ready to deal with all that topping up you’ll need to do, we recommend Olaplex number 3 and Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Masque


If even after all that you still want to go bright or pastel book in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll do all the necessary tests to make sure its perfect for you.

5 Star Salon


The Good Salon Guide is the only independent guide to quality standards in hairdressing in the UK and Ireland, and we are delighted to announce that we have been recently awarded a Colour Expert and 5 Star Salon.

The Good Salon Guide is the easiest and most reliable means of checking out the best salons in any area. Recognised salons are visited and objectively assessed by top industry professionals, giving potential clients confidence in their choice. Salons are regularly reassessed to ensure standards are maintained so membership is as good as a personal recommendation!

Gareth Penn, Managing Director of the Good Salon Guide, said: “I am delighted that Square has succeeded in reaching the standards required to become a member of the Good Salon Guide. Being in the Guide means a salon is among the best in the country which undoubtedly attracts new business and makes existing clients feel good. For salon owners, membership brings a whole host of free services including business advice, the chance to feature in our magazines and on-line media as well as great offers.”

Tilly Atherton, the salon owner of Square, added: “Being a member of The Good Salon Guide shows we are a fantastic salon in every way. It’s great not only for our clients, but for our team to know the salon has reached such high standards. It makes us all very excited about the future of our salon.”


Colour Creators

Wella Professionals have just launched an incredible new colour range and we’re so excited! Color Fresh Create is a series of pure tone semi-permanent colours consisting of 12 vibrant shades (and a clear shade to dilute the vibrants in to beautiful pastels).  All the colours are fully intermixable allowing you limitless creative opportunities with your hair. These new colours are also designed to fade in to beautiful pastels as they wash out so you don’t get any of those weird tones once it starts to fade.


Naturally we had to try it first so we opted for one colour from the cool side of the pallet and diluted it to make a pastel and then one from the warm side (Hyper Coral sounded like too cool a name to not try first!) which we kept just pure as it comes out of the tube.  We actually can’t wait for them to fade so we can get all the pastel shades too.


Before and after lilac

Neon Colour Is Here!


If you are anything like us then the idea of neon hair sounds like something you really need to try, it’s awesome trust us!  We have just added a range of neon hair colours to our colour menu and we want to try them all.  These new colours show up as bright vivid colours in normal light but glow neon under a U.V light.

There are 7 perfectly bright shades to choose from and all can be muted down to create a more subtle look.


Watch the video to see how they look under UV light.

Available now at Square from £20 *(allergy test required 48 hours before appointment)*

Lunchtime Treats

Colour Power Hour

We’ve added a range of services combing low commitment colour and a perfect blow-dry all completed in a hour or less, ideal for squeezing in on your lunch break.


FullSizeRender 4


The services available are:


Colour On The Go

Pick your shade and refresh your colour.  Quick easy and low commitment service, plus take home shade available to keep your colour looking refreshed longer.        £40


Playful Tones

Add shine-vitality and a keratin boost with a tonal twist to any hair type.        £25


Refresh Fix

Re-boot your colour and generate intense shine.  Bring your hair back to life with a bespoke colour shot gloss.        £45


The Power To Shine

Add sparkle and light reflection into shine shy hair.  Showing your hair at it’s most beautiful and glossy best.        £30


Glamour Gloss

Luxury glossing services, combining hair colour, condition and crystal shine.  Giving your hair the VIP treatment it deserves.        £45


Call us now to make your appointment 01326 313931 or book online here.

Hair Contouring

What is hair contouring and why do you need it?


Hair Contouring is the latest thing in the contouring trend, it appears to have moved away from the world of make up and into hair.  Contouring is the use of shadow and light to shape and mould the features of your face to enhance your looks, so how do we make this work for your hair?


Hair Contouring


Your stylist uses both colouring and cutting techniques to shape your hair,  this could be lighter or blonde areas around the face or on particular areas of haircuts to enhance shape and layering through to create softness.  Or it could be using dark colour to create the illusion of shadows in the hair and keeping certain areas of a hair cut heavy to give the illusion of density and thickness in both the colour and the cut.


Book a consultation, come and talk to us and we’ll find a colour palette that compliments your skin tone and eye colour and then work with that palette to create the shadow and light to contour.


Nanokeratin Treatments What you need to know!


Have  you always wanted that effortlessly beautiful hair that you can just leave to air dry or blow-dry in 10 minutes flat but instead you’ve got a giant ball of frizz that takes hours to blow-dry and straighten just to make it look half decent? Then nanokeratin is your hair saviour and it is suitable for all hair types even damaged!  Nanokeratin is a smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz from your hair whilst retaining your hair’s natural movement. For example if you have curly hair the curls will still be there after the treatment but they will be soft glossy frizz free curls, and if your hair is straight but coarse and frizzy, after the treatment it will still be straight but smooth frizz free and so easy to manage.

If you think nanokeratin might be for you the first thing you need to do is come and have a consultation with your hair in it’s natural state and we will assess your hair texture and what your expectations are and then work out the right treatment plan for you.  Once you have booked your nanokeratin appointment you are well on your way to frizz free hair!


Firstly your hair will be shampooed 2-3 times with a priming shampoo to cleanse the hair and remove any product build up so that the nanokeratin treatment can work it’s magic to it’s full potential.

Then your hair will be rough dried so we are working with your hair’s natural texture, then the nanokeratin will be applied to your hair in small sections with the excess being combed off each section.

Now you sit and relax for 30 minutes enjoy your drink and flick through some magazines.

Once the 30 minutes is up your hair will be blowdried with the nanokeratin in, and once completely dry your hair will be straightened to ensure it is completely smooth.

Now the nanokeratin treatment is finished your hair will feel as though it has a coating on it, and you cannot get your hair wet, tie it up or tuck it behind your ears for 3 days.  (Let’s be honest here by the 3rd day every one who has this treatment is desperate to wash their hair but then once they do they would happily go through it again as the results are well worth it!)  When you do shampoo your hair you need to use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, any of the alterna shampoo and conditioners will be fine but we do recommend the Bamboo Smooth range in particular to maintain the results.

Before and After Nanokeratin


The first picture is the clients natural hair texture and the second picture is the clients hair rough dried 3 days later.

The nanokertain treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, and costs £150.00.  It is important to make sure you are using the correct products as it will have an impact on how long the treatment lasts.

So now you know how to get that perfect hair you’ve always dreamed of!



Wella Training day

We recently hosted an education day at the salon with Wella Professionals to educate 13 stylists from Devon and Cornwall on all the ins and outs of Wella couture colour.  Couture colour is the premium ranges of Wella hair colour and you can be sure all of our stylists are educated to the highest level in the latest techniques and technologies to ensure you get the best advice possible and the best hair colour for you.



Our stylist Laura was able to share her knowledge and expertise with a captive audience talking about the Blondor Freelights range, which is specifically designed for sun kissed blondes using balayage and ombre techniques.



Laura was also on hand to offer help and advise to some of the other stylists whilst they tried these new products and techniques on their clients.



Our apprentice Gemma soaked up all the information on offer and is now raring to go with her colour training, we can’t wait to see how she does!



So if you are looking to upgrade your colour or just fancy a change book in for a consultation with one of our talented team members and see what ideas they can offer you! Happy hair colouring!