5 Star Salon


The Good Salon Guide is the only independent guide to quality standards in hairdressing in the UK and Ireland, and we are delighted to announce that we have been recently awarded a Colour Expert and 5 Star Salon.

The Good Salon Guide is the easiest and most reliable means of checking out the best salons in any area. Recognised salons are visited and objectively assessed by top industry professionals, giving potential clients confidence in their choice. Salons are regularly reassessed to ensure standards are maintained so membership is as good as a personal recommendation!

Gareth Penn, Managing Director of the Good Salon Guide, said: “I am delighted that Square has succeeded in reaching the standards required to become a member of the Good Salon Guide. Being in the Guide means a salon is among the best in the country which undoubtedly attracts new business and makes existing clients feel good. For salon owners, membership brings a whole host of free services including business advice, the chance to feature in our magazines and on-line media as well as great offers.”

Tilly Atherton, the salon owner of Square, added: “Being a member of The Good Salon Guide shows we are a fantastic salon in every way. It’s great not only for our clients, but for our team to know the salon has reached such high standards. It makes us all very excited about the future of our salon.”


Colour Creators

Wella Professionals have just launched an incredible new colour range and we’re so excited! Color Fresh Create is a series of pure tone semi-permanent colours consisting of 12 vibrant shades (and a clear shade to dilute the vibrants in to beautiful pastels).  All the colours are fully intermixable allowing you limitless creative opportunities with your hair. These new colours are also designed to fade in to beautiful pastels as they wash out so you don’t get any of those weird tones once it starts to fade.


Naturally we had to try it first so we opted for one colour from the cool side of the pallet and diluted it to make a pastel and then one from the warm side (Hyper Coral sounded like too cool a name to not try first!) which we kept just pure as it comes out of the tube.  We actually can’t wait for them to fade so we can get all the pastel shades too.


Before and after lilac

New Year New Colour!

It’s here, we are in 2018 and it’s probably time to change your hair colour.  We’ve been keeping our eye on the latest trends and discovered there really is something for everyone, so take a look and get inspired for your next appointment!



The colour we’ve all wanted to try at some point but unfortunately isn’t suitable for everyone or certain hair types but if you’re lucky enough to have the perfect starting point take advantage and go bold platinum or a platinum balayage for a softer effect.


Mid Brown

Perfect if you have brown hair naturally as this trend is centred on using varying shades of browns to create a little bit of texture instead of having just a boring brown.  Great on guys too looking to add just a hint of colour.



Going Green

Perhaps the most noticeable trend we saw beginning to surface in late 2017 was green, deep forest greens are the way to go here and work best either as an overall colour or together with dark hair, remember though there is usually lightening services required to achieve these vivid greens.



What’s not to love! We expect to be seeing much more of this colour heading in to Spring and with so many variations it can be truly unique to you.

Which new colour will you choose to update your look with?  Just remember an allergy test is required 48 hours before your appointment.



Winter Hair Ideas

This season even the bold hair colours look like they are just meant to be, wether short or long, soft texture is the way forward.  Here are our favourite winter inspiration styles.


This is the colour pallet to be working with, whatever your hair colour now you can incorporate a little bit of winter into your style.


We love this super cool wintery blonde bob.  The blunt edge is perfect when styled with a bit of texture.


If you are naturally dark, adding a bit of violet looks amazing especially on long hair, style with dry shampoo or texture spray for that matte finish.


Or if you’re feeling adventurous mix up the two with this lovely soft blonde with just a hint of blue/violet through the lengths. The short textured fringe adds some interest to a long layered look.


Or if lighter really isn’t your thing then this beautiful muted auburn is perfect, it’s warm and rich without looking too artificial, the shorter areas around the face will work with almost any face shape.

So there you have it, get booked in for your Winter hair here.

5 Winter Hair Care Tips


Everyones hair needs a little more care attention in the Winter to avoid drying out and getting damaged once the weather changes, here are our top 5 tips to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing through out the Winter.

  1. First up, it may sound obvious but don’t go outside with wet hair.  Wet hair is much more delicate than dry hair and the cold will make the water swell inside the hair shaft and can cause internal damage to the hair, which will affect the life of your colour as well as the condition of your hair.
  2. Regular trims!  We know we say it all the time but in the Winter regular trims are important.  Your hair will get blasted by the environment with the cold and the wind which causes damage and split ends, so make sure you are getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks.
  3. Add a weekly intensive treatment to your hair care routine.  Central heating can really dry hair out so replacing the moisture lost in the winter is essential to keeping your hair looking good. Our favourite is Alterna’s Caviar Moisture Masque it’s so luxurious and leaves your hair super soft, shiny and moisturised.
  4. Try washing your hair slightly less often, usually in the winter it’s relatively easy to push it another day, this will help keep the natural oils in your hair and on your scalp and in turn keep it all in better condition, also it  means you’ll be heat styling your hair less often which is only good news for your strands.
  5. Avoid hat hair with a texture spray.  Once you’ve blowdried your hair, use a bit of texture spray like Alterna’s Caviar Perfect Texture Spray or label.m’s Texturising Volume Spray and then when you take your hat off you should just be able to rough up the roots a bit and completely get rid of your hat hair.  (For hat hair emergencies we recommend keeping texture spray in your handbag!)

Keeping up with these little tips and making that small change to your routine will make the world of difference to the condition of you hair thought the Winter months.

Autumn Hair Inspiration


This time of year we always think about changing our hair so here’s some inspiration to give you some ideas of what to go for at your next appointment.


Vogue had some pretty ideas, long or bob length soft waves are a definite yes, also easier to keep looking good in the wind!


Here are some examples of autumnal hair we have done this season to give you some ideas.


Try toning down your blonde a bit, nothing too drastic and keep it semi permanent so you can easily go back blonde when you’re ready.


If you have balayage and the ends of your hair are looking more sun kissed than autumnal, working some colour through the ends in richer warmer dark blondes and light coppers is a low maintenance idea to carry you through the season.


Brunettes this is your time to shine! Literally! The light reflection on warm or cool brunettes is amazing this time of year so if you are already brunette enhance your natural tones with a semi permanent colour, or if you’re not go all out and go dark for autumn.

Just remember all colour appointments require an allergy alert test 48hrs before your appointment.




The Best Hair From SS18 Fashion Weeks


We’ve looked through all the images from all of the fashion weeks and put together what we think we will be the biggest trends next spring/summer.  There was quite a bit of diversity in styles for the season and although our favourite go to style of undone beach waves is sticking around, there’s a few more things to have fun with.


First up The Short Crop

As seen on the models for Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, Moshino, Fendi and Georgio Armani.  If you’re looking to ditch the long bob now is the time to go short.  We noticed a combination of both structure and texture, so the short crop can really be adapted for anyone.


Then there’s the good old Centre Part

It’s been around for a while now and it looks set to stick around, whilst we did see some side parts on the catwalk centre parts definitely dominated, Alexander Wang lived in waves with a rough centre part is our favourite but the general feel of this is waves and has a lived in look so embrace looking not too polished.



Get your braiding fingers out because braids are definitely still on, and they just keep on getting more complicated, we don’t think we’d be able to do all of these on our own heads but they do look so pretty.


Wet Look

This one has been around for a while and occasionally makes it in to our evening hair do’s but to be honest it works best for a show or photoshoot rather than for everyday wear, getting it to last for a whole night out is hard enough!


Finally Accessories

One of our favourite trends at the moment because literally anything counts as a hair accessory these days and it’s completely temporary.  Spraying in temporary colour is great for switching up your look instantly and jewelled partings look amazing for a night out.

Now we’ve got a few months to decide on our Spring/Summer 18 hair, well after we’ve picked our autumn hair.

Neon Colour Is Here!


If you are anything like us then the idea of neon hair sounds like something you really need to try, it’s awesome trust us!  We have just added a range of neon hair colours to our colour menu and we want to try them all.  These new colours show up as bright vivid colours in normal light but glow neon under a U.V light.

There are 7 perfectly bright shades to choose from and all can be muted down to create a more subtle look.


Watch the video to see how they look under UV light.

Available now at Square from £20 *(allergy test required 48 hours before appointment)*

Lunchtime Treats

Colour Power Hour

We’ve added a range of services combing low commitment colour and a perfect blow-dry all completed in a hour or less, ideal for squeezing in on your lunch break.


FullSizeRender 4


The services available are:


Colour On The Go

Pick your shade and refresh your colour.  Quick easy and low commitment service, plus take home shade available to keep your colour looking refreshed longer.        £40


Playful Tones

Add shine-vitality and a keratin boost with a tonal twist to any hair type.        £25


Refresh Fix

Re-boot your colour and generate intense shine.  Bring your hair back to life with a bespoke colour shot gloss.        £45


The Power To Shine

Add sparkle and light reflection into shine shy hair.  Showing your hair at it’s most beautiful and glossy best.        £30


Glamour Gloss

Luxury glossing services, combining hair colour, condition and crystal shine.  Giving your hair the VIP treatment it deserves.        £45


Call us now to make your appointment 01326 313931 or book online here.

Ikoo: The New Brush You Need


We are pleased (and extremely excited!) to announce the arrival of Ikoo brushes at Square.  These amazing brushes are the detangling tool you need with the added function of giving you a head massage at the same time!


The 3 key features that define the unique potential of the Ikoo brush are:

It’s optimised bristle architecture to painlessly detangle the hair and prevent breakage, or ripping hair out at the root.

The concave shape of the Ikoo is the perfect fit for the human skull, this ergonomic feature allows for the manual pressure when brushing to be evenly distributed.

The Ikoo massages the scalp with it’s purpose built bristle flexibility and hits important acupunture points as you brush your hair.




The painless brushing of hair can be a useful contribution towards the relief of several symptoms, Experts of Traditional Chinese Medicine recommend daily brushing with the Ikoo brush as part of a holistic therapy concept, Traditionally head massages are used in almost all cultures.  This is because unconscious negative energy stagnates in the head and neck area, due to over working and over thinking.  Most people don’t have the ability to get a head massage everyday so the Ikoo brush is the perfect solution.


There are two sizes of Ikoo available, The Home Brush at £17.95 and The Pocket Brush at £15.95.

Both are available at Square or on our online shop here.